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Getting To Market (G2M) is an ecosystem designed by and for the startup community to help aspiring startup founders navigate the early stages of building a successful company. Through a series of candid interviews with experienced startup founders, we will explore the initial steps and playbooks for going from idea to market and gaining traction, and most importantly, the mistakes they made along the way. These conversations revolve around marketing, product, sales, and community building, with the goal of helping the community "crack the code" of bringing a product or service to market. Join us for real conversations with real founders and unlock the secrets to building a successful business!

The Thesis:
By sharing resources, working together, and building long-lasting relationships, entrepreneurs will dramatically increase their chances of success while having a lot more fun along the way!

Why we built G2M:
Building a successful business requires more than a vision and brilliant ideas; it requires access to the right resources, expertise and guidance, and a supportive community to help navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.G2M obsesses over the latest trends, strategies, tools, and resources that propel entrepreneurs to success. It provides access to the latest insights and best practices in product marketing, technology, and growth, all tailored to startup growth goals.

Why the name? Why G2M?
GTM was taken. We settled for G2M.

What G2M provides:
1. The G2M Community of events & presentations (coming soon)
2. The G2M Blog of deep-dives into the latest trends, tools, and strategies.The G2M Podcast with industry experts (coming soon)
3. The G2M Newsletter to keep you up to date (coming soon)
4. The G2M Bootcamp: workshops and courses to help you level up as quickly as possible.

From events and thought leadership presentations to a blog with new tools, tutorials, and deep-dives, G2M is an ecosystem of resources for the entrepreneurial community, so founders and builders not only stay ahead of the trend, but thrive.

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Remember, you must be able to make good on that promise, so don’t offer anything unreasonable. Consumers are inundated with ads, so it’s vital that your ad catches the eye and immediately grabs interest. You could do this with a headline or slogan (such as VW’s “Drivers Wanted” campaign), color or layout (Target’s new colorful, simple ads are a testimony to this) or illustration (such as the Red Bull characters or Zoloft’s depressed ball and his ladybug friend). Promises Credible Benefit: To feel compelled by an ad, the consumer must stand to gain something; the product is often not enough. What would the consumer gain by using your product or service? This could be tangible, like a free gift.

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A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action. There is no magic formula to write perfect ad copy; it is based on a number of factors, including ad placement, demographic, even the consumer’s mood when they see your ad. So how is any writer supposed to pen a stunning piece of advertising copy — copy that sizzles and sells? The following tips will jumpstart your creative thinking and help you write a better ad.

Grabbing the consumer’s attention isn’t enough; you have to keep that attention for at least a few seconds. This is where your benefits come into play or a product description that sets your offer apart from the others.

Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action. There is no magic formula to write perfect ad copy.

Businesses often become known today through effective marketing. The marketing may be in the form of a regular news item or half column society news in the Sunday newspaper.

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The marketing may be in the form of a heart to heart talk with Mr. Brown on his prominent local television show. These are all advertising. Businesses cannot get away from the force of advertising. If they want to make their products known in the marketplace they have to use some form of advertisement.

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